Glow in the Park


What is a Glow in the Park event?

All Glow in the Park events include a special experience where you’re climbing and zip lining through the trees lit up by glow attire, colored lights, lasers and more!

Glow in the Park Event tickets include two hours of climbing and zip lining plus an additional 40-minutes for harnessing safety briefing, and practice. 

What is an #Opt4Adventure or Keep it Lit climb?

Our adult-only climbs are similar to our normal Glow in the Park events, but on these evenings we only sell tickets for ages 18&up. This is perfect for date nights or groups of adventurous friends looking for a kid-free evening in the trees. 

What is the Summer Glow Series?

Our Glow in the Park events returned for our 2018 Summer Season. Stay tuned for announcements for our 2019 Summer Glow in the Park events to be announced in Spring 2019! Tuesday nights during our Summer Glow Series include fun music and an awesome theme to transform the park. On Thursday nights get ready for Glow in the Park LIVE- we bring out a live local band or DJ.


“It’s not often that I feel the need to bombard my friends and family with, “You need to try this!” Most of the time, I figure that I might like something, but there isn’t something universally enjoyable about it. That’s where the Adventure Park differs–no matter how old you are, or what your favorite hobbies consist of, I think that you’ll enjoy this.”

– Jessica W. of Ann Arbor Michigan