When You Arrive…

BEFORE coming to the park:

  • Reserve your climb and set your arrival time online via the orange Reserve Tickets button.
  • Every climber must have a completed safety waiver on file. You will receive a confirmation email after booking your climb. This email will contain a link to a waiver for you and the other members of your group. Please make sure that all members of your group complete this waiver before arrival. An adult/guardian must complete a waiver for climbers under the age of 18.

WELCOME! Here is a quick rundown of what to expect when you arrive:

  • Please arrive at the Marsh Pavilion entrance to the Virginia Aquarium and check in with Adventure Park staff.
  • Those purchasing Adventure Park tickets are not required to purchase admission to the Virginia Aquarium. Observers (non-climbers accompanying paid Adventure Park climbers) are not required to purchase admission to the Aquarium, however restrictions apply on the use of the Aquarium by free Observers.
  • You will receive a harness and climbing gear, as well as a time-stamped climbing tag. Climbers may begin new trails up until the time noted on their climbing tag.
  • Typical tickets are for 3-hour climbing sessions. Additional time is added to accommodate harnessing, briefing, and practice.
  • A staff member will help you put on the harness, and make sure it is fitted properly.
  • Then, you’re off to the briefing, where a staff member will demonstrate the proper use of the climbing equipment as they explain our policies & procedures. This briefing takes approximately 10 minutes, and is followed by a practice stage. Climbers will have this opportunity to practice using the climbing equipment until they feel comfortable. Everyone must go through briefing and practice.
  • It’s time to head up to the starting platform and begin your adventure!