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Q: What is The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium?                                                    

A: The Adventure Park provides climbing and zip lining excitement to fun-seekers ages five and up. The Park’s two attractions – the Adventure Forest and the Labyrinth – provide tree-top bridges, swings and zip lines in the maritime forest between the Aquarium’s Marsh Pavilion and Bay & Ocean Pavilion.

The Adventure Forest spreads through about 6 acres of the tree canopy just north of the Marsh Pavilion. After completing a briefing on how to use “always-locked-on” gear, guests climb into the main tree platform where they can choose from 16 different trails that are color-coded to indicate the degree of challenge they offer. Trails are marked just like ski runs, with some suitable for novice, some for intermediate, and some for advanced climbers. These trails include more than 165 challenging crossings made of rope, cable, and wood. Among these crossings are more than 25 zip lines. The most challenging trails are up to 55 feet above the ground. Our longest zip line runs 315 feet and crosses Owls Creek.

The Labyrinth is a climbing area similar to the Adventure Forest, but it’s built to scale for younger climbers ages 5 – 9 and even parents who are young at heart. It includes about 25 platforms with 36 crossings between them. The Labyrinth is a maze of trails where no one has to wait in line for the best thing. It’s ALL the best thing.


Q: Where is the entrance to The Adventure Park?

A: The main entrance to The Adventure Park is at the Aquarium’s Marsh Pavilion, located south of the main building at 801 General Booth Boulevard. The park is about two miles or less than five minutes from the Oceanfront resort area. Free parking is provided at the Marsh Pavilion, and overflow parking is available in the Aquarium’s east parking lot.


Q: How long does it take to experience The Adventure Park?

A: Climbers reserve a timed ticket for three hours of climbing. Each climber proceeds at his or her pace and each trail can require 15-30 minutes to complete. Upon completion of one trail, a climber returns to the main tree platform to take on the same trail or select another trail, repeating the process as many times as they wish for the duration of their timed ticket. Each guest decides how much of the time they use for climbing. Most want to climb every minute they can!


Q: Are reservations required at The Adventure Park?

A: It’s always best to reserve General Admission Tickets online. Our ticketing system provides Park guests an easy way to reserve their check-in time. Groups of 10 or more should contact our Group Sales Office to make a special reservation. For more information, please see our Groups Page. Reservations should be made 2 weeks in advance to secure our group discounted rates. 

The online reservation system means no more waitlists. Entry into the Park is smooth and easy! When you make your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to the waiver so that all members of your party can complete waivers before arriving at the Park.


Q: What if my plans for a General Admission adventure change and I need to cancel my reservation?

A: We understand that plans sometimes change at the last minute. If you need to cancel your general admission adventure, you can do so right up until the time of your scheduled reservation. When you do, a gift card will automatically be generated and emailed to you. This gift card can be used toward a future climb at the Park. You can use the total value of this gift card in one visit, or in multiple visits if you’d like. If you do not cancel your reservation before your scheduled arrival time, no gift card or reservation will be issued. Group reservations scheduled with our group sales office may be subject to other policies. Please ask your Adventure Park team member questions about group cancellation policies when making your reservation.


Q: Can I schedule a Birthday Party at The Adventure Park?

A: Absolutely! In fact, The Adventure Park has become the most popular birthday destination in Virginia Beach.  Call our office to schedule a birthday party! Visit our Birthday Parties page for more info.


Q: Are group rates available for specialty groups, team bonding, and team development?

A: The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium is a magnet for outdoor-fun-loving kids, teens, and adults. Groups of 10 or more can call our Group Sales Office to reserve their climb and qualify for our group rates.  Groups must book at a minimum 2 weeks prior to reservation date.  We also provide team bonding and team development programs for corporate clients, community organizations, students, teams, and clubs.  Spaces fill up quickly.  Call 757 385-IZIP (757-385-4947) to set up a reservation for your group.


Q: Does the ticket I buy for The Adventure Park also include admission to the Aquarium?

A: The Adventure Park and the Aquarium are separately ticketed activities. Admission to the Adventure Park does not include access to Aquarium exhibits. Likewise, tickets to the Aquarium do not include Adventure Park climbing. There are no combo packages for both The Adventure Park and the Virginia Aquarium.


Q: Is a ticket required to watch my friends or family members climb?

A: Observers can receive complimentary admission to pathways and observation areas under the aerial trails of the Adventure Forest and the Labyrinth.


Q: Are Annual Passes available?

A: Yes. We offer an annual pass and a club membership option! For more information, visit our Membership Packages page or contact our Group Sales Office. 


Q: Are Adventure Park gift certificates available?

A: Gift certificates can be purchased in The Adventure Park store for more information about gift certificates, contact our Group Sales Office. Phone: (757) 385-4947. Email: [email protected]


Q: Is The Adventure Park safe?

A: All climbers wear state-of-the-art harnesses and climbing equipment that meets the highest industry standards. Climbing equipment employs “double-clipped-on” technology designed to keep the climber continuously connected to a secure cable throughout their time in the trees. Climbers receive an equipment briefing and opportunities to practice before climbing into treetops. Course staff members monitor climbers while they are in the air. These monitors are nearby to offer encouragement, advice, or assistance as needed.


Q: Is The Adventure Park Difficult?

A: The Adventure Park provides color-coded trails to make it easy to choose a climb that provides the level of challenge you seek. Beginners develop their confidence and climbing skills on 3 Purple trails, 3 Yellow trails and in our Labyrinth. Intermediate climbers enjoy the challenge of 5 Green trails and 2 Blue trails. Our most athletic climbers enjoy the challenge of our 2 Black and 1 Double Black Diamond trails that spiral through the trees 55 feet above the ground.


Q: Do I have to be really fit to complete the trails?

A: Most people who have an active lifestyle and are in good health should not have any difficulty completing many of the trails. Climbers proceed at their own pace and are welcome to take periodic breaks. Remember, climbers can choose trails within their comfort levels.


Q: Is The Adventure Park certified?

A: The Adventure Park is built and operates in accordance with the standards of the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology). The ACCT standards are among the most stringent ropes course safety standards in the world.


Q: What happens if it rains or storms?

A: When inclement weather arrives, The Adventure Park responds much like a golf course or a swimming pool facility. The Park remains open during rain, but all climbing is suspended in the event of thunder, lightning, or high winds.


Q: What clothing should I wear?

A: Wear well-fitting clothing that won’t hang loose or get tangled in cables or ropes. We advise tying back long hair and removing all jewelry. Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended. Flip-flops, sandals and open-toed/heeled shoes are not acceptable. We sell a limited number of climbing-approved river shoes in our yurt store.


Q: What equipment is provided?

A: A harness, climbing gear, and gloves are provided with the purchase of your climb. New gloves also are available for purchase. Personal gloves may be used.


Q: Is there a height or weight limit for climbing in The Adventure Park?

A: There is no height limit. Our weight limit is 265 pounds.


Q: Is there an age limit for climbing in The Adventure Park?

A: The youngest climbers in the Adventure Forest and the Labyrinth are 5-years-old. When climbing as a general admission guest, *5&6-year-olds must have an adult (18+) climb with them (max 2 children per adult) and may climb on our Purple courses only.  We have age recommendations when it comes to some of our more difficult trails. Our more challenging trails may require a child to reach or step beyond his or her physical capability. This graph provides information about trail age recommendations. Please visit our Rules Page to see a chart that shows which courses each age group can climb.


Q: Are private or group lessons available?

A: All participants will receive an equipment briefing and time to practice before climbing, so lessons are not required. If desired, however, climbers should make advance arrangements to hire a guide by contacting our group sales office: 757 385-IZIP (757-385-4947)


Q: What is The Adventure Park like at night?

A: At night, The Adventure Park is lit by lights creating a magical twilight effect. It’s an exciting evening activity for families or date night. Summer night climbs are an ideal way to beat the heat. Our Glow in the Park events are lit up with colored lights and feature house music, DJs or musicians.


Q: Is food available for purchase?

A: Drinks and snacks are available in The Adventure Park store, The Aquarium Cafe, and the Food Truck located on the nature trail. The Aquarium’s in-house caterer, Sodexo, can provide a variety of meal options for birthday parties, team parties, family celebrations, group picnics, and corporate events. Call (757) 385-0258 for catering information.


Q: Would The Adventure Park be willing to donate tickets to my upcoming event/fundraiser/auction?

A: The Adventure Park has quickly become one of the area’s most popular destinations for groups, families and individuals alike and as such receives hundreds of requests for donations every year. While we regret that we cannot grant every request for donations, you are most welcome to apply. Please fill out the Donation Request Form.

If you have questions regarding requesting a donation for your event or require further assistance or information you may contact Keren Warner by email at: [email protected]


Q: How can I find out more details about The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium?

A: Become an Adventure Park Facebook Fan!

Call our Group Sales office: (757) 385-4947.

Or send us an email: [email protected].